Jacqueline de Boer – Voice-Over Demos

Commercial Demo – The British Voice-Over Lady

Narration Demo – The British Voice-Over Lady

Whether she’s bringing a sophisticated, professional English accent to the recording or a contrasting bright, British, young adult voice, you can guarantee Jacqueline de Boer will bring dedication and directability to your voice-over project.

As the British Voice-Over Lady, Jacqueline can seamlessly switch from an authentic British accent to a neutral mid-atlantic tone for your international audience.

Jacqueline operates her voice-over business from a fully equipped professional home studio in the Greater Boston area in Massachusetts, USA. She is continuously developing her audiobook narration, production and voice-over skills with coaching, training, industry membership and event attendance.

Voice Acting Coaching & Training

Learning new skills in both narration performance and the technical aspects of audiobook production is very important to me. My audiobook narration and voice-over education includes:

Coaching & Training
Inaugural 15 Week Acting for Audio
  with Joel Froomkin
Voice for Narrators with Andi Arndt
Such a Voice VO GURU with Joleene Derks
Such A Voice Voice-Over Training
  with Steven Wahlberg
Gravy for the Brain
RX Jumpstart – Izotope training
   with Don Baarns
Studio 1 training with Don Baarns
Audacity training with Larry Hudson

Industry Events Attended
Audio Publishers Association Conference (APAC)
VO North
One Voice Conference (USA)
Voxy Summit
Industry Memberships
Audio Publishers Association (APA)
Gravy for the Brain
A Narrator’s Life with Andi Arndt et al

Speciality Knowledge
Audiobook fluent in French lanuage
BA Corporate Communication – Magnum Cum Laude
Paralegal – US legalese and legal process
Entrepreneur & Business Owner:
  The British Voice-Over Lady 2018-Present
  Accredited Virtual Assistance 2008-2020
Social media marketing