Jacqueline de Boer – British Voice Audiobook Samples

Please note: the following samples are performed with a variety of British accents. Happy to record General American character dialogue audition upon request.

Memoir – 1st Person – reflecting on “failure” at 21 yrs old British RP

Historical Fiction – 3rd Person Descriptive

Children’s Literature – 3rd Person Dialogue – Male/Male/Animal – Yorkshire/British RP/Parrot 🙂

Comedy – 1st Person

Historical Fantasy/Fairy Tale/YA/Cozy Mystery – Descriptive/Dialogue – Female/Male – British RP/Cockney

Fantasy – 3rd Person Omniscient – Exposition

Middle Grade Fiction – 3rd Person Dialogue – Male/Male/Female – Cockney/Estuary/RP

Historical Fiction – 1st Person

Regency Romance Historical Fiction – MF Dialogue – British RP

Non Fiction – Self Help – British RP

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British Audiobook Narrator Jacqueline de Boer recording in home studio

Jacqueline’s voice and personality 🙂 is described as:

Witty, Whimsical & Welcoming

“The British Kristin Chenoweth”

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